At M’Ink we specialise in natural looking cosmetic tattoos and classic styles that will never go out of fashion.

We proudly stock Medik8, Skinstitut and Mesoestetic advanced cosmeceutical skincare products.

Ombre/Powder Brow

3hr – $400

A soft powdery brow that mimics the look of eyebrow makeup. Darker at the tails and softer towards the middle, this look is the go-to for fuller, more defined brows. This is the perfect style for you if you draw your brows on with pencil or powder.

Combination Brow

4hr – $500

Feather strokes mimic hair strokes to fill in patchy brows or give a more realistic looking eyebrow tattoo for those with little to no eyebrow hair. A similar result to microblading with less trauma to the skin. This style is perfect for those wanting a more natural looking brow.

Lip Blush, Aquarelle or Ombre Lips

2.5hr – $400

Soft and subtle, or bold and beautiful. Lip tattooing enhances and defines your natural lip shape.

Freckle Tattoos

Varies – Starts at $350
(price and time varies depending on placement and density)

Semi-permanent freckle tattoos create a youthful sun-kissed look without the sun damage.

12 to 18 Month Colour Refresh

1.5hr – $300

Yearly colour refresh for work done by M’Ink Cosmetic Tattooing. For work older than 18 months please contact us for a quote.

Touch Ups Work Done Elsewhere

Varies – Starts at $350

For touch ups or cover ups on work done elsewhere please contact us.

4 - 6 Week Perfection Visit

Powder Brow $200

Combination Brow $250

In most cases, new tattoos will require a perfection visit 4 to 6 weeks after the initial tattoo as varying amounts of pigment will be lost during the healing process. 

Before & After Shots

"100% Recommend having your brows feathered with Meg at M’Ink. I'm a first timer for tattoo brows and I felt so comfortable in this beautiful clinic. Thank you Meg for the outstanding work, I wouldn't go anywhere else !! Brows on point!!!"

- Silia Vucus

"Just had my eyebrow touch up appointment with the beautiful Meg and I loved the experience once again, an amazing and relaxing place and beautiful work."

- Nikita Howson


1.  The day before your appointment, please try to avoid coffee, alcohol, fish oil and ibuprofen, due to the fact that these thin your blood and push out the tattoo pigment, meaning we won’t get a good result. If this happens on the day of your appointment, you could require an additional treatment or to reschedule at an extra cost. 

2.  If you have some idea about the look you want – ie. thick, thin, natural, bold etc this will help but ultimately the artist should be able to design something that will suit your face and that you both agree on.

3.  You can pluck / wax strays prior to your appointment. Actually, if your brow hair is tidy then it gives the Cosmetic Tattoo Artist more time to focus on your tattoo. A good artist will give you a good shape regardless.

4.  Relax! It’s not actually as scary as you might think. I even have people fall asleep during the procedure.


1.  Please arrive makeup free on treatment area 

2.  Avoid exercise prior to your appointment  

3.  Fake tan free on face

4.  Wear dark or spare clothing 

Cosmetic tattooing is for anyone who

Cosmetic tattooing is not for:

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